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1.0 PURPOSE: To define supplier requirements for ICA Corporation to ensure purchased materials and services confirm to specified requirements. ICA reserves the right to amend/update/revise this document at any time.

2.0 SCOPE: This document applies to suppliers who provide materials and services directly for the products ICA manufactures for our customers.

3.0 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Suppliers shall have established, documented and implemented a management system based on ISO 9001 or other national or international systems standard. The system shall be appropriate for the size of the supplier’s business.

4.0 CONFIDENTIALITY: By accepting the terms of a ICA contract and purchase order, supplier agrees to adhere to the confidentiality agreements stated herein. “Confidential information” considered confidential may include but is not limited to:

  • Customer-supplied documentation/records
  • Customer-supplied product/property
  • Customer furnished data used for design, production, and/or inspection
  • Intellectual property


4.1 NO USE: Suppliers agrees not to use confidential information in any way, or to manufacture, test, and/or distribute any product embodying confidential information, except for the purpose set forth in the purchase order.

4.2 NO DISCLOSURE: Supplier agrees to use its best efforts to prevent and protect the confidential information, or any part thereof, from disclosure to any person other than supplier’s employees having a need for disclosure in connection with supplier’s authorized use of the confidential information and production/process activities.

4.3 CYBER SECURITY: Supplier is required to follow policies and procedures for cyber security based on all industry standards (e.g. ISO 27000, NIST 800-171). Supplier agrees to take all steps reasonably necessary to protect the secrecy of the confidential information, and to prevent the confidential information from falling into the public domain or into the possession of the unauthorized persons.

4.4 TERM AND TERMINATION: The obligations of the agreement shall be continuing until the confidential information disclosed to suppliers is no longer confidential.

5.0 RIGHT OF ENTRY: Suppliers and their sub-tier suppliers are to provide access to their facilities and quality records to ICA, our customers, and/or regulatory authorities, for the purposes of verifying progress on, and the status of, any work being performed against associates purchase orders.


  1. Purchase order requirements
  2. Drawing/print requirements
  3. Specification and/or standards called out on the drawing or bill of materials/parts list.


7.0 STATUTORY/REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: Supplier shall comply with all federal, state and local statutory and regulatory laws and requirements. Supplier shall indemnify and hold ICA harmless from and against any liability, expense or loss including attorney fees resulting from supplier’s failure to do so.

7.1 DFARS: When identified on purchase order, supplier shall comply with applicable DFARS flow-downs.

7.2 DPAS: When identified on purchase order, supplier shall comply with applicable DPAS rating and schedule production/service accordingly.

7.3 SPECIALTY METALS: When identified on purchase order, supplier shall comply with preference for domestic specialty metals requirement

7.4 ITAR COMPLIANCE: Supplier shall comply with ITAR requirements on applicable defense related purchase orders.

7.5 CONFLICT MINERALS REPORTING: Supplier shall comply with due diligence reporting in support of ICA’s customer’s requirements.

7.6 ROHS/REACH COMPLIANCE: Supplier shall comply with purchase order and/or drawing requirements regarding ROHS/REACH requirements.


8.1 MATERIALS/PRODUCT: Suppliers shall be responsible for assuring materials/product conforms to purchase order and drawing requirements. First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR) when required by the purchase order shall conform to the requirements of AS9102.

8.2 SERVICE PROVIDERS: Suppliers providing services are responsible for assuring their services conform to purchase order and drawing requirements. This includes the testing required by the specification identified in the drawing or bill of material/parts list.

8.3 SOURCE INSPECTION: ICA reserves the right to inspect product/service at the supplier’s address prior to acceptance.


9.1 RAW MATERIAL SUPPLIER: Shall provide material certifications/test reports with all shipments.

9.2 PART SUPPLIERS: Shall provide a Certificate of Conformance/Compliance along with the raw material certification/test reports with each shipment.

9.3 SERVICE PROVIDERS: Special process service providers shall provide a Certificate of Conformance/Compliance with each shipment. When required by purchase order, NADCAP certificate shall be provided.


10.1 RAW MATERIAL AND PART SUPPLIER: Supplier is not to make any unauthorized changes to product material or specification.

10.2 PART SUPPLIER AND SERVICE PROVIDER: Supplier is required to notify ICA prior to the implementation of change in their processes, suppliers and manufacturing location for approval.

11.0 CONTROL OF NONCONFORMING MATERIAL: Supplier shall maintain a documented process for the control of nonconforming material and products. Nonconforming material shall be identified, segregated, evaluated and dispositioned to prevent its unintended release or use.

11.1 COUNTERFEIT PARTS: Unauthorized changes to raw material or product configuration may be interpreted as counterfeit.

12.0 FOREIGN OBJECT DEBRIS/DAMAGE (FOD) CONTROL: Supplier is required to implement necessary precautions to protect parts from FOD.

13. WORKMANSHIP, HANDLING AND PACKAGING: Supplier shall take due care in processing material, parts and service to protect parts when manufacturing, handling, and packing.


14.1 NOTIFICATION: ICA will notify supplier of required corrective action due to a nonconformance found in either product, material or process. Unless otherwise noted, the corrective action is due 30 days from date of issue.

14.2 EXTENSIONS: Suppliers may request extensions to ICA’s Quality Manager.

14.3 NON-RESPONSE: A non-response to a scar will result in a 5 point reduction in the supplier’s quality score for a period of 12 months.

15.0 CALIBRATION: Supplier shall maintain a calibration system meeting the requirements of ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 or ISO 10012.

16.0 RECORD RETENTION: Supplier shall maintain all records related to the production/service of the purchase order for a minimum of 10 years.

  • CNC Milling and Turning
  • Custom Enclosures
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Laser Cutting
  • Mechanical Assemblies
  • Chassis and Cabinets

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